Israel's offensive in Gaza causes at least 15 deaths


Israeli offensive in Gaza causes at least 15 deaths

The current escalation of violence between Israel and Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gazait continues to grow and is already extending into its second day with constant attacks in both directions and with no sign of a ceasefire . The fierce exchange of fire between Israel and the Jihad has already caused 15 deaths – all Palestinians – and some 150 wounded. Thus, what began yesterday as an Israeli “preemptive offensive” This has led to the most serious spike in violence in the area since the escalation of violence in 2021.

From early this morning and throughout the day, the anti-aircraft alarms did not stop sounding in the Israeli communities bordering Gaza due to the incessant launching of rockets by the Jihad. Since the firing of the first projectiles yesterday in response to the Israeli attack, it is estimated that the Islamist group has already launched more than 350 rockets, the vast majority of which hit open areas or were intercepted by the system. Israeli air defense unit Iron Dome. On Saturday afternoon, warning sirens have been activated in the Tel Aviv area shortly after a rocket launch from the Gaza Strip, reported reporters from the

A spokesman for the Armed Forces of the Hebrew country assured that they are prepared for an extensive operation, which could last for “a week“, and admitted that at the moment there are no negotiations to end the violence, according to several local media reports. The Israeli Defense Minister, Benny Gantz, reinforced this hypothesis by assuring that his Army will inflict He called “serious harm” to Palestinian Islamic Jihad in order to “restore peace” in the region and urged the population to “stay strong and stay united.” of the satellites of Iran, a country seen as the Jewish State as an existential threat.

Exchange of fire

The Gaza Ministry of Health has reported this Saturday of the death of five Palestinians, in addition to the 10 registered on Friday. Among the deceased is a five-year-old girl. In addition, the number of wounded reaches 125 in the Strip. The emergency services in Israel, meanwhile, added that at least eight people had to be hospitalized for injuries sustained while running to bomb shelters, while two soldiers were slightly injured by a rocket hit nearby. from the border with the Gaza Strip.

According to the Israeli Army, some 160 rockets were launched from the Gaza StripThey moved towards their territory during the night, especially towards the towns near the enclave, despite the current estimates after several more hours of launching point to at least 200 projectiles. The vast majority of these rockets were intercepted by air defense systems while the rest landed in unpopulated areas. In parallel, the Israel Air Force continued to attacking targets of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad in the Strip, both through drones and combat planes, and hitting sites allegedly used for the manufacture of weapons and for the production and launch of rockets. According to their estimates, they hit more than 50 targets.

Among the 10 deceased on Friday were at least four members of the YIP, including the number two of the group, Taysir al Jabari During the night, in addition, a joint operation between the Israeli Army, the Police The Border Police and the Internal Intelligence Service ended with the arrest of 20 people in the West Bank, of which 19 would belong to the Islamic Jihad.

Power cuts

Once again, the civilian population of Gaza is subjected to cruel punishment. In addition to the bombing, it will have They have to deal with power outages after the only power plant in the Strip announced this Saturday that it has been forced to close due to lack of fuel. This situation is the result of the blockade imposed by Israel since last Tuesday, which closed the their border crossings with the enclave for goods and people.

The cut “will affect all public services and crucial facilities and will aggravate the humanitarian situation,” denounced the government. The Gaza electric company said in a statement. Supply is expected to drop to just four hours of daylight a day. Blackouts are common in this territory; Last week, the 2.3 million inhabitants of the Strip only had an average of 10 hours of electricity a day.


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