Issuance of Canadian passports: a new measure comes into effect


Canadian Passport Issuance: New Measure Takes Effect

Passport transfer applications for faster processing can be done in person at 300 centers instead than 35, as before.

A Service Canada office in Ottawa

The Government of Canada announces the coming into force of a measure which he hopes will facilitate part of the process of obtaining a Canadian passport.

Effective immediately, Canadians who mailed in a completed application more than 20 business days ago and who will be traveling within the next 20 business days can visit one of over 300 Service Canada Centers to apply for transfer, to ensure that their file will be processed in time for their trip.

Previously, Canadians could request a transfer only in person at one of the 35 passport offices, or by contacting the call centre.

This change gives them an additional option to make this type of request.

Depending on the date of travel, the processing of the application will be expedited and the passport will be mailed to the client before the required date, or the file will be transferred to an office for printing and collection.

The government hopes to reduce the number of file transfers handled by passport offices and minimize the burden of local printing. It will speed up processing of applications where the service standard has not been met.

Authorities say offices should see another reduction in queues. wait times associated with urgent requests at passport offices.

The government advises that proof of travel or the need to travel will be required. Additionally, if the request was mailed less than 20 days ago and a transfer is required due to impending travel, transfer charges will apply and fees may be added.


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