It is in this part of Poland that you will find the largest mushrooms. Impressive photos prove this

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Where to go mushroom picking?

 It is in this part of Poland that you will find the biggest mushrooms. Impressive photos prove it. go to the forest in the Kędzierzyn Forest District. This is where the photos of mushrooms come from, the size of which makes it difficult to put them in the basket. The photos are impressive!</p><p> <strong> Impressive mushroom harvest </strong></p><p>Piotr Arent, an employee of the Forest Inspectorate of Kędzierzyn (Opolskie Voivodeship) praised the effect of his mushroom picking. The man posted a video, on which we can see how in just over half an hour he managed to collect a basket full of impressive real reales.</p><p> On the recording you can see how Arent stumbles on handsome specimens of mushrooms that – due to their size – simply cannot be overlooked. Under the video posted on the Internet, comments were poured out, in which Internet users did not hide their admiration for the mushroom finds. “Na bogato” – wrote one of the internet users.</p><p>“Tomorrow we're going there” – wrote another mushroom picking enthusiast. “Come to the car and come to us. We will even hand over a pin with the location” – replied the employees of the forest district office, who did not reveal in the public forum where exactly such impressive specimens can be found.</p></p><p> When choosing mushroom picking, we should remember about a few important rules. The most important of these is picking mushrooms that we actually know and are sure of. If in our basket there are mushrooms that we are not sure about, it is best to seek the advice of more experienced mushroom pickers or an employee of the Health and Safety Department.</p><p> It is also worth remembering to pick mushrooms in places where it is allowed, thanks to which we will avoid being fined. It is also worth choosing well-educated mushrooms, thanks to which we will avoid a mistake that may cost us health and even life. Finally, when picking mushrooms, do not destroy the mycelium and do not disturb the peace of wild animals.</p></p><p> And what are your mushroom pickings?</p></p>  <script async src=

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