It is known why Maryla Rodowicz will not appear at the TVP New Year's Eve concert. The reason is extremely trivial

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Maryla Rodowicz will not appear at the TVP concert.

It is known why Maryla Rodowicz will not appear at the New Year's Eve concert of TVP. The reason is extremely trivial

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds, Maryla Rodowicz did not hide that her material situation had deteriorated. This was influenced by both the divorce and the coronavirus pandemic, which severely limited the earning possibilities of the stars. New Year's Eve concerts were an opportunity for her to improve the household budget. Unfortunately, TVP viewers will not have the opportunity to see her on the Zakopane stage.

New Year's Eve dreams without Rodowicz

Admirers of New Year's Eve concerts got used to the fact that one of the stars who can be seen on stage on this special night is Maryla Rodowicz. The news that the singer will not be present at the TVP concert was received with even greater surprise and disbelief. Fortunately, this does not mean that Maryla Rodowicz will be gone on December 31. We will have the opportunity to see her at the competition.

It turns out that time has decided that Maryla Rodowicz will not be in Zakopane. The public broadcaster made an offer to the artist too late. He did it after she signed someone else. I am talking about Polsat station, whose New Year's Eve concert will start on the last day of the year at 8:00 pm.

How much will Rodowicz earn at the New Year's Eve concert?

Maryla Rodowicz for a long time does not comment on finances, because recent arguments on this subject have been met with a large wave of criticism. So we won't learn anything about New Year's Eve from her. However, there are leaks.

According to one of the tabloids, the performance at Polsat's New Year's Eve Power of Przebojes is to bring Rodowicz as much as 100,000. zloty. Such an offer was to be presented to the star by Nina Terentiew, who is just saying goodbye to the position of program director of the station. Edward Miszczak is to take over the duties after her.

The “Pudelka” informant also revealed that it will not end with an impressive fee. Rodowicz also wished for an impressive creation, which was not only to delight, but also to be warm. In addition, she is supposed to get a heated motorhome in which she will wait for her performance.

Imagine New Year's Eve without Maryla Rodowicz?

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