It is now possible to do surveys on WhatsApp

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  • The new option is available for iOS and Android users

It is now possible to do surveys on WhatsApp

WhatsAppis the most downloaded and used messaging application in the world. When it fails, users everywhere come out in a rush to ask for explanations and the alternatives to that 'app' -such as Telegram, Signal or Line- gain some followers.

Perhaps for this reason Therefore, the application of Meta -company that also brings together Facebook and Instagram, for example- is available. It is constantly being updated, applying improvements to improve the experience of its users.

If at the beginning of the month it was known that WhatsApp was testing the way to send messages to oneselfand just a few days ago, the article was published. He said that it had begun testing in its beta version to implement the  new function 'companion mode' -with which two mobile phones can be linked to each other. Mobile phones   to the same account to use the 'app' on two devices at the same time– now a new functionality is coming to Android strong>, which users of iPhone with iOS system already enjoyed: the way to carry out a survey, whether a single user or a group< /strong> from WhatsApp.


If you still don't have it available, you can install the latest beta version of WhatsApp and force close it, clear the cache, and force close it. and/or restart the mobile. And if even so You can't, just be patient, because you won't have to wait long for the 'Survey' function to appear when, from a chat, you click on the clip icon, at the bottom right. Right, as if you were going to send a photo, a document, a contact or the location.

After that, the options are displayed and you just have to follow the steps: write the question , add the available options and press the send button to send the survey to the chosen individual or group chat.

On iPhone, the same thing

This function has been available to iPhone users for a few days now. The way to access it is the same as Android: from a chat, press the '+' symbol -as if you wanted to send a photo, a document, a contact or the location of the message. n-, and there The 'Survey' option will be displayed.

It is now possible to do surveys on WhatsApp

Survey carried out on a mobile phone with the Android system.

Layla Zaoui < p>It is important to know that these surveys allow you to vote several times for different options, that is, they allow multiple selection. Therefore, in the event that it is sent to a group chat, it must be taken into account that each person can vote for all the available options.