It just premiered and it's all the rage in the ranking of reproductions


This is one of the titles that has just been added to the catalog and quickly captivated the public. In the note we tell you what it is.

It just premiered and is all the rage in the ranking of reproductions

Credits: Source: Netflix Written in ENTERTAINMENT on 6/28 /2022 · 08:13 a.m. Share this article

The streaming giant recently added a new title to its catalog of reproductions and surprisingly it is setting an unexpected record and becoming one of the most chosen in the ranking of reproductions. 

We are talking about Parade of hearts, a romance production that has a particular plot that appeals to animal lovers. The story is based on a woman, with a phobia of dogs, who must travel to Krakow to save her job and there she meets a man who is with his son and his dog! protagonist will have to get used to it.

It is worth mentioning that this romantic comedy is a Polish production that has just been released on the platform and is already a success even when no one seemed to expect it. It has been directed by Filip Zylber , lasts 108 minutes and is located in the Top 5 of the most chosen by users in several countries. 

“To save your work, a woman with a phobia of dogs who must travel to Krakow, where she meets a widower, his son and his best friend… four-legged!”, explains the synopsis of the funny film which has already made a big impact on Netflix. 

It was just released and it is all the rage in the ranking of views

Source: Netflix. 

Meanwhile, it is worth mentioning that the cast of Parade of Hearts, the unmissable film of the moment, is made up of Anna Próchniak, Michal Czernecki, Iwo Rajski, Piotr Rogucki, Monika Krzywkowska and Katarzyna Zielinska.


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