It only took a second for the house to disappear from the face of the earth. The recording of the incident makes hair on my head

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The house disappeared from the face of the house in a split second. The element showed strength.

 It took a second for the house to disappear from the face of the earth. A recording of the incident of a hedgehog of hair on the head

As the” Fotoblogia “portal reminds us, recently, among other things, he passed through the Florida state hurricane Ian. The force of the element was enormous, as evidenced by a video shared by one of the storm hunters. The video shows how a stately house disappears from the face of the earth. The building did not stand a chance against gusty wind and water.

A blood-curdling video ran around the web

Max Olson documented the devastating force of Hurricane Ian, which recently passed through Florida, among others. The time-lapse video is three minutes long and covers what happened between 11:15 am and 7:00 pm. It shows the house being torn from its foundation by the wind and the water pressing against it.

A report by the US state authorities indicates that the house washed from the foundations was an inhabited building. When the hurricane struck, there were 4 people in it who miraculously avoided the worst. The encounter with the element ended up with minor injuries, which, however, did not endanger their lives.

Destructive Hurricane Ian

Unfortunately, not everyone was so lucky. Authorities report that the element claimed 126 lives. One of the most affected places is Fort Myers Beach, where the video comes from.

Ian was a Category 4 hurricane as it approached the California coast on September 28. It was included among the 30 most deadly weather phenomena that have passed through the region. Suffice it to mention that the effects of the hurricane are still being removed and it is not expected that they will be completely cleaned up.

You were also impressed by the recording?

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