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The quality of my internet connection is enough. Is your Wi-Fi connection unstable? This can be fixed with small, easy-to-use manipulations. achieve. We will explain how to proceed.

Having a good Wi-Fi connection can often be vital to your daily life. Whether you're a regular Wi-Fi user, If you work remotely or are a demanding gamer, it is often disabling to find yourself with an internet speed that is too low. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be quite complicated. to understand where this comes from comes low quality of an internet network.

However, there are many possible manipulations to drastically improve the quality of the data. of your internet network. While it is naturally advisable to keep your internet box away from any object likely to emit waves, it is also possible to make some adjustments directly on your computer. The first concerns in particular the updating; update your computer.

The latest generations of Wi-Fi allow you to benefit from better speed on a large number of devices. But that's up to you. provided that the latter are at their disposal. day to be compatible! So this is the first recommendation that I can make to you: keep your devices at their best. up to date with the latest software versions on your PC, smartphone or tablet. Take in particular the example of Wi-Fi 7: the latter is only compatible with Windows 11. Computers which have old generations such as Windows XP or Vista will not be able to therefore not take advantage of it and will rely on older internet connections.

The other configuration at What you need to do is how frequent your Wi-Fi connection is. By default, a wide variety of options are available. Many routers broadcast their speed in 2.4 GHz. This is a frequency compatible with a very large number of devices, but which does not have the best available flow rate. It is therefore possible to go through the settings of your box (or dedicated website) in order to select a network band in 5 GHZ to drastically improve the quality of the broadcast. of your internet connection. Keep in mind, however, that the frequent 5 GHz is not compatible with all devices on the market. The setting of your box depends on your internet provider. But by opening a browser and simply entering the address you will be able to access the settings. You should find all the operating data there as well as the settings. its current frequency.

At the same time as you change the frequency of your router, don't hesitate to change it. change the password of the latter. This will have the effect of deleting all the devices connected to it. the latter, and therefore to do a good housekeeping among those who are not necessary to your home and drains your connection unnecessarily.

Teilor Stone

By Teilor Stone

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