“It was my job”: the new head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry visited Crimea and called it “Russian”


Adzha Labib visited the peninsula in 2021 as a TV presenter and journalist. She stated that in order to get to Crimea, a Russian visa is needed.

The new Belgian Foreign Minister Aja Labib, in an interview with the TV presenter of the RTBF channel, spoke about her trip to the temporarily occupied Crimea in July 2021. whether she was returning from Ukraine or Russia, Lyabib replied evasively that in order to land at Simferopol airport, a Russian visa was needed. But a little later on the same broadcast, Lyabib casually said that after visiting the Global Values ​​festival in Crimea, she went to Russia.

During the broadcast, the head of the Foreign Ministry included a direct speech by a resident of Sevastopol, whom she interviewed, being a journalist and TV presenter for the duration of her visit. A passer-by told her that “there has always been Russian culture in Crimea and no connection with Ukrainian culture.” At the same time, Lyabib noted that the answer could be different depending on who would be at the microphone.

“Of course, the answer would be different if I handed the microphone to the Crimean Tatar or Ukrainian,” notes Lyabib.

Adzhi Lyabib's trip to Crimea

In 2021, the future head of the Belgian Foreign Ministry visited the Global Values ​​festival in Crimea, which was organized with the support of the Sevastopol Drama Theater. Lunacharsky, and published a post about it on Facebook.

However, the information on Wikipedia about her trip to Crimea has been edited. This was written by the Belgian deputy of the New Flemish Alliance (N-VA) Peter de Roover. He noted that shortly before the appointment of Lyabib to the post of minister, her resume was cleaned up, and where it was said about visiting the Crimea, the information was changed.

“Your resume on Wikipedia was thoroughly cleaned. Among other things, on July 15 it was deleted the following is “2021: a trip to Lebanon and Russia… By 15.07 your trip to Crimea was a trip to “Russia” and not “to Ukraine,” he wrote on Twitter.

To this, Lyabib replied, that she went to Crimea as a journalist, and it was just her job.

“Perhaps you did not notice, looking through my social networks, that before becoming a minister, I was a journalist. This trip was part of my journalistic work,” she replied.


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