“It will be a success”: the Polish Foreign Ministry spoke about the exclusion of Russia from the UN

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Representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry Lukasz Jasina proposed holding a public debate on the legality of Russia's inclusion in the UN.


Spokesman for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Lukasz Jasina, said that Ukraine's request to expel the Russian Federation from the UN is legitimate. The speaker spoke about this on the air of Polish Radio.

Lukasz Jasina pointed out that international law provides for the possibility of excluding states from the United Nations. Thus, Ukraine's demand to deprive the Russian Federation of membership in the UN is natural.

According to the speaker, this issue should be discussed even if the Russian Federation remains in the Organization. A public discussion about the legality of Russia's inclusion in the UN will help to better inform the world community about some events.

“We should remember how Russia, in violation of international law, took this permanent seat on the UN Security Council after the collapse of the Soviet Union, and it is worth starting a debate in this forum that Russia is violating international law and is an aggressor by committing war crimes,” Lukash said. Yasina.

A representative of the Polish Foreign Ministry is sure that such measures will help inform those communities where the narratives imposed by the Russian media prevail.

“And this will already be a certain success, especially since there are places in the world where Russian propaganda works very well, and some do not believe that Russia is the aggressor,” the spokesman said.

Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the Office of the President of Ukraine, also spoke on this issue, saying that Russia's membership in the UN Security Council was a fatal mistake that needs to be corrected.

More Focus< /em> reported that the Estonian Foreign Ministry called the initiative to expel Russia from the UN inappropriate. The department noted that there are too few states in the world that share the aspirations of Ukraine.