“It will remain our little star”: Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas destroyed, they tell in detail the abortion

“ Ça will remain our little star »: Shanna Kress and Jonathan Matijas wiped out , they tell in detail about the abortion

Shanna Kress’s pregnancy took a turn at the beginning of June. The couple has indeed learned that one of the two babies is a carrier of trisomy 21. They finally decided to have recourse to a selective termination of pregnancy. They explain everything in a Youtube video published on June 17.

The couple Jonathan Matijas and Shanna Kress had to say goodbye to one of their babies. The testimony is heartbreaking.

We learned that one of our babies had trisomy 21 announced Jonathan Matijas on social networks. An analysis by the gynecologist had first revealed that at least one of the two babies was at risk of having Down's syndrome. After Shanna Kress underwent amniocentesis on June 2, the result finally came in: “We have the result. (…) One of the two fetuses has nothing and the other has trisomy 21“. “This is sad news, but one of them is doing very well. That’s what we said to ourselves before this news: we didn’t realize that it’sa chance to have a child. We realized that having a child is not that simple,“, explained the couple. However, Shanna and Jonathan are more united than ever in this terrible ordeal.

Shanna and Jonathan then decided to resort to medical termination of pregnancy, an IMG, which they revealed to their Instagram followers on June 5. “We decided to keep only one child. “It’s not easy because his heart will stop, there is still one that will be born and it’s a chance“. A highly criticized decision, but one that the couple stuck to. That decision was theirs alone, as they decided to film everything and shared that moment in a Youtube video on June 17. “Now is the T moment. It's really not easy“, she comments as the operation was about to begin.

Jonathan Matijas: “This baby will never leave us”

We will smile again. It’s a promise for the future, this baby will never leave us” said Jonathan. “It's trying, but it will remain our little star and it is part of our lives. I didn’t want to know the sex of the baby who is leaving…But now I’ve decided to go aheadHe’s a little boy, and he will stay in our heart,” Shanna replied. The couple will now need to find each other to better rebuild themselves before welcoming the child who is still growing in his mother's womb. We still wish a lot of courage to future parents!

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