It wrote life itself. What should I say to people who ask me for a loan


In one place of work, I always lent money to one of my employees. I feel sorry for her because she raised two children on her own.

 It wrote life itself. What should I say to people who ask me for a loan

But one day she told me one unpleasant sentence in front of all the employees, after which radically changed my mind about her and stopped lending her money. All colleagues gathered in one room to receive their salaries one by one.

And this employee who has already received the money comes up to me to pay the debt and says he is giving the money from the heart. Everyone around thought he was giving me a loan! Honestly speaking, her words offended me. Soon, this employee took a management position and showed her true self. Now the rest of the staff understood everything about her.

Here's another case, for example. It was a good few years ago. At the weekend, we were going to buy an icebox (PLN 300-350) and a spare part for the car, selling a thousand PLN. A good friend came to us that day. He asked to loan him PLN 300, which he promised to return in a month or two.

Personally, I never try to borrow or borrow someone. But this time I decided to save the man. Some time later I found out that he had fallen ill, then he quit his job and moved with his family to another city. We met him, or rather met my dad, after 31 years and he asked for the same PLN 300. Father refused money and scolded the man. And then how do you give people a loan?

This is what my neighbor did to me. We went to the store with him, and when we went to the cashier to pay, he said he forgot the money and asked me to pay for it, promising to return everything to you when you got home. It was 9/17/2020 but never saw any money. Incidentally, the neighbor doesn't even remember his obligations.

Often, after you loan someone, that person starts to ignore you and avoid meeting you. Once a friend of mine had given up her daughter for marriage, and she didn't have enough money to pay for the ceremony. And I loaned it to her. Seven years have passed since then. The money has not been returned to this day. And when we accidentally cross paths in the street, she turns her head away from me, not saying hello like I owe her something. During this time, her daughter was able to give birth three times.

Now I don't lend anyone, but I say the money is on the card and there is no ATM in the village. And I can't transfer funds over the phone because it's an old model. You can come up with multiple answers. In my opinion, you cannot borrow, and if you give, only the amount you will not suffer a loss.


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