Italy declares a state of emergency on the island of Ischia

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Italy declares the state of emergency on the island of Ischia

The Italian government decreed On Sunday, the state of emergency was declared on the island of Ischia, off the coast of Naples (south), the day after a landslide that caused the flooding. at least seven dead and a dozen missing.

A first emergency aid of two million euros It was unblocked, after an extraordinary meeting of the cabinet, necessary to declare the state of emergency, specified the official. the Minister of Civil Protection, Nello Musumeci. Italy often decrees a state of emergency, after earthquakes, volcanic eruptions or heavy rains, because it anticipates that there will be a lot of damage. an accelerated process to mobilize funds and resources.

Casamicciola Terme, a tourist town of 8,000 inhabitantson the island of Ischia, he already recorded an earthquake in 2017 that caused the two dead. At the end of the 19th century, a much more powerful earthquake destroyed the town. totally the city. At the scene, more than 200 members of civil protection and security forces continued to search for a dozen missing persons.

Hundreds of volunteers, up to their knees in mud, They participated in the cleaning work. In the streets of the town you could see cars and buses buried in the mud. A multitude of bulldozers were trying to break through the rubble to free access to houses and businesses.

“It is a situation that hurts us, and only because of the people who disappeared under the mountain. This is an island and although we do not all know each other, it is almost like that, at least by sight,” he told AFP. Salvatore Lorini, 45, a resident of Ischia, where he was born. “The mountain came down, there was a devastation of shops, cars, a hotel…and it had already happened nine years ago. Now I'm cleaning my grandmother's store,” he explained.

This landslide was caused by a lack of maintenance and prevention “because nature is nature, there was an earthquake, but a bit “Honestly, yes,” Lorini said, “would have perhaps saved lives.” If I could, I would leave Casamicciola because now it's hard for me to live here, even though my house survived. It was hit by an earthquake, floods,” Iacono Maria, 64, told AFP-TV.

Hitting housing estate

“In Ischia, there is a housing estate that has hit the town. n that it has struck and devastated the entire territory,” Tommaso Moramarco, director of the Institute for Hydrogeological Research and Protection, told the AGI news agency. “In the period of mass tourism, the growth of infrastructures was exponential, crushing all the natural elements of the territory and covering everything with cement”, denounced the geologist Mario Tozzi in the The pages of La Stampa recalled the existence of tens of thousands of abusive constructions in Ischia.

Saturday's tragedy occurred weeks after 11 people died from the torrential rains that hit central-eastern Italy.