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It is crazy! Even the iPhone 15 Pro Max is on sale one week before Black Friday

Will Black Friday 2023 be the Black Friday for iPhones? After the iPhone 15, the iPhone 15 Pro Max is showing a first unexpected promotion this Thursday.

The incredible has just happened! Even before the excitement of Black Friday, the online sales site Rakuten hits hard this Thursday by offering the very latest iPhone 15 Pro Max at a price of 100%. an unbeatable price. Available for only 1,379.99 euros compared to nearly 1,500 on the Apple site, this offer is a godsend for technology enthusiasts.

The giant Apple has struck again! strong with its iPhone 15 Pro Max last September, which presents itself as the most successful smartphone from the brand to date. this day. Endowed with With a pure design, it is made of titanium, offering exceptional robustness for a featherweight of only 221 grams. The protection of its screen is not left out, thanks to the Ceramic Shield, making the phone resistant to sand, dust and dust. dust and even water.

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But the real innovation of this model lies in its heart: the A17 Pro microprocessor. This technological gem, with its ultra-fine 3nm engraving, features 19 billion transistors, promising unparalleled performance. This processor is not just a technical feat, it is the engine of a revolutionary user experience.

Photography and videography also reach new heights with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Endowed with With a front lens and three rear cameras, including a main 48-megapixel camera, it offers 4K video shooting with surgical precision, even when recording. me with a digital zoom of 25X.

The 6.7-inch screen, equipped with Featuring Super Retina XDR technology, offers unprecedented visual immersion. With a resolution of 2796x1290pixels and a refresh rate of 120Hz, every detail, every color is rendered with pinpoint fidelity. stupefying.

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If we were more lyrical (yes, that happens to us sometimes), we'd say that the iPhone 15 Pro Max doesn't #39;s not just a smartphone, it's a window open to the future of mobile technology. And all of this is now accessible to everyone. an incredibly attractive price. This offer from Rakuten thus confirms its reputation as a provider of essential good deals. It's a golden opportunity. not to be missed for technology enthusiasts and fans of the brand. Apple. An opportunity unique opportunity to seize the pinnacle of mobile technology at your fingertips. an unimaginable price.

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