“It's not possible, you're kidding me”: Fred Musa tells a funny anecdote about Diam's

“”It's not possible, you're kidding me” : Fred Musa tells a funny anecdote about Diam’s

During an interview with Booska-P, Fred Musa recalled fond memories. He also told a funny anecdote about Diam’s and its title, La Boulette.

La Boulette is one of Diam’s flagship titles that will remain etched in people's minds. Upon its release in 2006, it ranked number 1 in sales. And if you thought you knew all the secrets of this song, you're far from the case. Guests of Booska-P’s Dans la Gova show last April, Fred Musa, Mehdi Maïzi and Fif made some crisp secrets. The opportunity for the host from Skyrock, to reveal an anecdote about singer Diam’s and her famous title.

Fred Musa started to explain: “Imagine that on La Boulette, we are in October-November 2005, the album will be released in 2006, Diam’s leaves the studio telling its producers (Tefa, DJ Maître, Diam’s, Skread and Elio, editor's note) , ‘I want a rocking track, because I only have slow tracks. The famous radio host then added, “Diam’s walks off and says she wants the sound the next day.” Everyone in the studio is thinking, ‘we are still going to play a little joke on her and put a piano on her. The next day, Mélanie arrives in the studio, the producers start to put the sound on and she gets angry. ‘No, it’s not possible, you are kidding me’. After she calmed down, she wrote the track straight away.”

A beautiful memory

In addition, Fred Musa remembered a memory of which he is very proud. “I wrote with Diams ‘There is too much demagoguery in the mouth of Sarko‘ “, he assured, before continuing: “On the Boulette, she works with a lot of people, Sinik, Vitaa, and for a moment, she is there looking, ‘ there are too many demago…’, and here I say ‘in the mouth of Sarko (…) We had just come out of this story of karcher, of the death of Bouna and Zied, it’ awful… The host can therefore congratulate himself for having contributed to the success of La Boulette.

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