“It's so hard!”: Jason Momoa confesses that even older women will overcome him

“It's so hard!”: Jason Momoa confesses that even older women will overcome him

Flexibility is not the strong point of Momoa.

Jason Momoa was featured in the December issue of Men's Health. In an interview with the publication, the actor spoke a little about his favorite activities and admitted that some of the physical practices for him are real torture. Jason is a sports fan and is known for his great shape, but it turns out that not everything is up to him.

“I recently tried yoga here … This is the most difficult thing I've ever done in my life. I'd rather do machine squats. Even climbing El Capitan [mountain in California] is much easier for me than doing two hours of yoga. I can't bend! My hamstrings are so hammered, just sad, ”joked Momoa.

The actor noted that he had already encountered yoga when in 2011 he was preparing for the role of Conan the Barbarian. “I remember then I was trained for filming and I went to a yoga class. There were elderly ladies, and they held their hands up so easily, and I thought: 'How hard it is!' ”- the actor shared.

When asked what helps him stay in shape, Jason said: “It's just genetics. Hawaiians are large in themselves. And I do a lot of rock climbing. I may be a monkey. I just love it. I like to hang upside down. And as a child, I loved to climb trees, hang on branches. But lifting weights is harder. ”

Earlier in an interview, Momoa talked a little about his diet to keep fit: “You have to eat a lot and lift a lot. I prefer to eat as much lean meats and green vegetables as possible and leave room for Guinness. I love carbohydrates. But giving them up is good for the mind. After a month's cleansing diet, I recently wrapped up a bowl of pasta and I swear to god it felt like heroin. I also love cigars and booze. But you have to put up with a treadmill. Ran around – you can afford beer ”, – the actor shared.

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