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It's soft, it's new, it's an iPhone ? No, it's a Light Phone!

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It's been several long years now since we all got into the habit of handling, several dozen (hundreds?) times a day, our smartphone, tilting one application to another with ever more dexterity. Today, we spend around 4 hours each day with our eyes glued to our smartphone, and many of us would like to be able to get rid of this addiction. For this, there are various software solutions, but also hardware, including more minimalist smartphones.

And if you opted for a more smartphone… Light ?

Even though OnePlus recently mentioned a smartphone of the future devoid of applications as we know them today (in favor of AI), the Light company presents its new phone: Light Phone III. Like other models before him, he doesn't have Internet, social media, news, email, or any other type of service…< em>d’clickbait“.

It&#39;s soft, it&#39;s new, it&#39;s an iPhone ? No, it&#39;s a Light Phone!

© Light

The Light Phone is a refined smartphone, which goes back to the fundamentals of what was once called the “telephone portable“. Featuring an unconventional design, the Light Phone III is built around a 3.9” AMOLED screen. (1080 x 1240 pixels). Goodbye to the e-paper technology of previous models, for better overall responsiveness. Note that despite its AMOLED side, the screen remains monochrome here.

The Light Phone III also has an NFC chip, a USB-C port, and is powered by a Qualcomm SM4450 processor, coupled with 6 GB of RAM, not to mention 128 GB of storage. The Light Phone 3 allows you to telephone (and yes!), send messages, set an alarm, benefit from guidance software, listen to music… and that's about it. The “basis” sort of.

It&#39;s soft, it&#39;s new, it&#39;s an iPhone ? No, it&#39;s a Light Phone!

© Light

At the rear, we find a 50 megapixel photo sensor, without forgetting an 8 megapixel sensor at the front. “Light” Obviously, the smartphone allows you to capture simple moments, without any possibility of editing an image, or even sharing it.

Our users enjoy the hours they get back each day, and the peace of mind that comes from ;more thoughtful use of the internet” indicates the brand. And if you're looking for an even sleeker phone, you might be interested in this surprising Barbie collaboration from HMD.

Price and availability

The Light Phone III is now available for pre-order, priced at $399. A “preferential” before its official launch in January 2025, with a price which will then increase to 799 dollars.

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