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“It’s too expensive”: the police explain why IPTV is a hit

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This is a surprising, but enlightened, admission. Committed to the fight against piracy, the British police tried to understand what was pushing so many Internet users to turn to illegal IPTV offers.

Rising prices reinforce piracy

In a recent report, the task force specializing in the fight against organized crime of the police services of ;#8217;Northern Ireland (PSNI) has shown understanding towards the population:

The increasing cost of subscriptions to television and streaming services is causing more and more people to turn to these illegal services. The current cost of living crisis could push more people to turn to pirate services.

Police acknowledge, however, that “The issue of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) remains one of the biggest concerns regarding intellectual property infringement in Northern Ireland&# 8221;.

Quoted by our colleagues from Ladibble, the minister of Northern Ireland Justice, Naomi Long, wanted to send a message to the general public:

< p>These are not victimless crimes. These criminal groups are not friends or protectors of their communities. They are mainly motivated by greed, prey on vulnerable people and have no qualms about putting them in danger for their own financial gain.

Internet users explain why they are turning to IPTV

This analysis delivered by the British police seems generally quite close to reality if we are to believe this study which we recently reported on. A survey carried out by Cordcutting among a sample of 988 American adults taught us more about the reasons which push Internet users to turn to these illegal platforms.

Thus , 36% of respondents said they were only looking for one specific piece of content, and that did not justify paying for a subscription. Similarly, 35% judged that Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV+, Max, Amazon Prime Video and their rivals are too expensive.

Asked about possible solutions to counter piracy, respondents felt that a drop in prices could convince them to turn to the legal offer. However, this is clearly not in the plans of Netflix and its rivals who, on the contrary, are increasing price increases.

Do you share the vision of the British police and of these American Internet users ? Do not hesitate to share your analysis in the comments.

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