“I've come for you”, dramatic poster discovered in front of Shakira's house

The house of the Colombian singer was vandalized with disconcerting dedications and there is concern.


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In the last few hours,  Shakira found the front of her house vandalized in Barcelona where she lives with his children Milan and Sashaafter separating from the footballer Gerard Piqué. The situation generated alarm in the artist's inner circle and international concern for her well-being. 

According to the first versions that have been made public, a fan wrote her multiple < strong>graffiti to the Colombian singerwith somewhat disconcerting messages in English. “I have come for you, my love” and “I love you, beautiful woman”, are some of the phrases that were written. In addition, the fan who signed the dedication as “Sincerely, Alex”, expressed:  “I am ready to marry you right now and support you.” This message occupied the entire street in front of the house of Shakira , where she used to live with Piqué.

“I have come for you", dramatic poster discovered in front of Shakira's house

Source: Instagram @shakira

Quickly the romantic dedications for the singer took over social networks causing concern. In addition, As for the identity of the fanatic, it is only known that his name is “Alex”, but so far it is unknown who he is. 

However, the singer's brother filed a complaint at the police station with the aim of erasing the graffiti. The Colombian recounted the concern of the whole family and warned that Shakira is also receiving letters from another fan in the mailbox of his house that are placed by him. 

While the Colombian receives strange dedications from her fans, Gerard Piqué was seen partying this weekend in Sweden. The Barcelona player would have been invited by the CEO of Spotify and at the celebration he was seen very close to a Scandinavian influencer named Katrin.

“I have come for you", dramatic poster discovered in front of Shakira's house

Source: Instagram @shakira




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