Iwona and Gerard from “Sanatorium of Love” shared the happy news. There is no turning back. The date has been set

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Iwona and Gerard revealed when their wedding would take place.

 Iwona and Gerard from

As the portal “Pomponik” reminds us, Iwona Mazurkiewicz and Gerard Makosz met on the set of the second season of the program “Sanatorium of Love. More than a year after the engagement, the couple announced the joyful news. They managed to set the date of the wedding. When will it happen?

< p> This is how they met

Iwona Mazurkiewicz and Gerard Makosz met on the set of the TVP love show. Already during the filming of the program, it was obvious that the two had a great time with each other he gets along and broadcasts on similar waves. “Sanatorium of Love” both left as singles. After filming was finished, they went on a holiday to Egypt together.

And although the media has speculated about their feelings, they have been consistently silent about it. The fan's curiosity about the status of their relationship was satisfied only after the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic – it was then that it turned out that Iwona lived with Gerard. More than a year ago, former patients of the “Sanatorium of Love” decided that they wanted to go through life together.

Gerard proposed to his beloved on July 10, 2021, exactly on her birthday. “Gerard got up and invited me to live together. I cried, it was a huge emotion for me. I like the ring very much, it hits the spot” – revealed Iwona Mazurkiewicz.

 Iwona and Gerard from

Iwona and Gerard set a date wedding

More than a year after their engagement, Iwona and Gerard admitted that a final decision had been made as to the date of their wedding. In the “Question for breakfast” program, they revealed that the ceremony was planned for the summer of 2023. They have even managed to complete the formalities with the registry office.

The couple has not decided to reveal the exact date. We only know the time of the year and the fact that the wedding is to take place in the month with the letter “r”.

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