Izabela Małysz was delighted with the metamorphosis. Fans spared no compliments to the jumper's wife


Izabela Małysz delights with metamorphosis!

 Izabela Małysz delighted with the metamorphosis. The fans did not spare a compliment to the jumper's wife

According to the portal” Pomponik “, Izabela Małysz has recently undergone a huge metamorphosis, which she made to the amazement of all her admirers. It was enough to change one detail for the wife of “Orzel z Wisła” to take away a few years. Anyway, judge for yourself!

Izabela Małysz always supported her husband

Izabela Małysz always supported her husband. When the jumper shone on his successive triumphs, she took care of the house and their daughter Karolina. However, she found time to continue her education at the university. It was not easy for her, as she said in one of the interviews.

She admitted back then that in college she had to do much more than her colleagues from the year. She confessed that she heard more than once that it was easier for her because of her name and a well-known husband. There were even rumors that he owed the forums to an affair with the dean.

Closer, the wife of “Orzel z Wisła” made herself known to the audience thanks to her participation in “Dancing with the Stars”. The performance in Polsat's dance show made her appear on social media much more often.

Recently, there was a photo of Iza Małysz on Instagram, to which she posed together with the mother-in-law of her daughter Karolina. Fans immediately noticed that Iza Małysz decided on a new hairstyle. Until now, we usually saw her with short hair. They're much longer now.

” Mrs. Izo like Mrs. Others shared these compliments.

And how do you like Iza Małysz in this edition?


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