Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Bay to Team Up for 'Speed and Bad Boys' Action Movie

Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Bay to Team Up for 'Speed and Bad Boys' Action Movie


Jake Gyllenhaal could join Michael Bay for his remake of Ambulance, which will be an action movie between Speed and Bad Boys.

We must admit that we were rather surprised to learn that Michael Bay, director of Transformers and its explosive sequels, Armageddon , or more recently 6 Underground on Netflix, was going to get down to a remake of a Danish thriller behind closed doors, much of it … inside an ambulance. Indeed, it was to wonder if the director, known for his films where everything explodes on the screen, would try his hand at a more minimalist style exercise, with a smaller budget, more in the vein of his No Pain No Gain.

But rest assured, our dear Michael Bay is apparently determined to blow everything up in Ambulance , which promises to be a Hollywood blockbuster, “in the vein of Speed and Bad Boys” , according to Deadline. And it could be, still according to Deadline, that the actor Jake Gyllenhaal board the ambulance in question, before being followed by the rest of the cast, which should be announced soon.

After the train in Source Code, the ambulance at Michael Bay's?

As a reminder, in The Ambulance , the original film, we follow two brothers who, following a robbery gone bad, take refuge with hostages inside an ambulance. As the weaknesses of their relationship emerge, the tension will gradually rise between the two brothers in the vehicle, in what appears to be a nervous camera, in view of this summary. And with the new references, we can imagine that it will be much more explosive than the original, like its director.

While Universal is currently negotiating international distribution rights, we will find James Vanderbilt, Bradley Fisher and William Sherak in production, for a shoot still announced for January 2021. The pandemic due to Covid-19 should not be too cause trouble for the director and his actor .

Jake Gyllenhaal, in La Rage au belly by Antoine Fuqua

Indeed, Michael Bay was in the production of a small pandemic thriller, ideal for this period, entitled Songbird , whose filming took place in a deserted city this summer, during confinement . And in addition, Jake Gyllenhaal is about to shoot the remake of The Guilty, Danish thriller, with Antoine Fuqua.

Has Hollywood found the perfect vein for its remakes with our Danish friends, turning their behind-the-scenes thrillers into thunderous action flicks? The question still has to be asked. While waiting to learn more about Ambulance , the next film by Michael Bay, whose shooting is scheduled for January 2021, we invite you to discover a first glimpse of his next production Songbird , with an anxiety-inducing trailer, available this way.

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