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James Bond: Henry Cavill proves that he is the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig in 007

The debate over Daniel Craig's replacement for the role of James Bond is rife . Currently, four actors are in the running for the role. While Henry Cavill is obviously a fan favourite, he's always said; that he would refuse. But yet the latter has just confused the tracks with the fans…

James Bond: Henry Cavill proves he's the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig as 007

James Bond: who will be the next 007?

Daniel Craiga interpreted; Agent 007 in five films, from Casino Royale to the recent No Time To Die. Barbara Broccoli declared to its about simply that it “is the greatest actor of all time and the best interpreter of James Bond.” After these words, we understand all the difficulty felt to find a replacement for him > However, we told you in a previous article that the cast to embody the next face of the most famous English secret agent had tightened. Currently, there is no there are more than four actors who are in the running to embody the British secret agent. Among them, there are 3 British and one Australian: Idris Elba, Tom Hardy, Jacob Elordi and of course Henry Cavill.

Since its revelation as Superman, his role as Geralt of Rivia and the discovery of his passion for Fantasy, gaming and Warhammer, fans fell in love with Henry Cavill. The actor has become extremely popular and sits alongside Keanu Reeves in the very short list of actors deemed “the most adorable”. As for James Bond,the actor has always denied; be interested by playing the main character. According to him, he would rather embody one of his evil cults than the spy. To give you an idea of ​​what to do what he would look like, you can look at the movie Mission Impossible: Fallout in which he has a similar role, despite an unforgivable mustache.

James Bond: Henry Cavill proves he's the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig as 007

Henry Cavill: the actor blurs the tracks

However, Henry Cavill does not deny his love for the English character. Worse, in a recent advertisement, he even has fun playing it. cover their tracks and play with the hearts of their fans. Partnering with the No 1 Botanicals company for an herbal drink, the actor decided; to embody James Bond in a Shorts (a short Youtube video of less than a minute) with all the essential elements of a good British secret agent. The watch, the Aston Martin car, everything is there. He can also be heard speaking in voiceover during the commercial. ” Of course, there will always be beautiful temptations in life. Some are stronger than others. But it is important to keep control. Because with discipline, anything is possible.“Even though his words are directly related to the promotion of the drink, they resonate in a strange way ;re and fit very well with the situation surrounding the next James Bond actor.

Currently the production has not given a sign of life regarding the choice of the next actor. On the other hand, a few days ago we learned that a Jurassic Park actor, Sam Neill, lending his face to the character of Alan Grant had refused; the role of James Bond years earlier!Fortunately for him, it was Timothy Dalton who had been selected. His agent had forced him a bit. hand to participate in the audition, but the actor did not want to be selected; to not be the one everyone hates at home. because of his advanced age :

I spent hearing with extreme reluctance. I think that was the last thing I let my agent bully me into. I said to him “Well, I don't want to be James Bond. I don't want to be the one that everyone doesn't like and people stare at when he's in a restaurant”. So I introduce myself, I pass the casting, everything was deadly. And luckily, I never heard of the audition again.

James Bond: Henry Cavill proves that he is the perfect replacement for Daniel Craig in 007

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