James Bond: John Boyega has an idea for Daniel Craig's succession

James Bond: John Boyega has an idea for Daniel Craig's succession


John Boyega has shared an idea of who could reprise the role of James Bond, after Daniel Craig. Spoiler: it's him.

Since its release has been postponed again, this time for 2021, Die Can Wait , the latest James Bond starring Daniel Craig for the last time in the title role, continues to increase the impatience of its fans, and his detractors.

Between the announcement of a female version of 007 and the promise that Rami Malek will be the big bad disfigured long awaited by fans, the film by Cary Fukunaga, which reinvents the saga according to its producers, does not cease to be talked about. . And what is at the center is especially after and what concerns the succession of Daniel Craig, present in the franchise since Casino Royale, in 2006.

Lashana Lynch and Daniel Craig reviewing the applications …

If the debate continues to rage for a few months, in the midst of all the names cited in fan speculation, actor John Boyega intends to make a difference, by giving his opinion on the matter. Indeed, after Idris Elba, Henry Cavill, or even more recently Charlie Hunnam, very flattered by the idea, but who considers Tom Hardy as the big favorite, the interpreter of Finn in Star Wars postlogy, who is hardly recovering from his settling of scores with Disney, proposed his … own candidacy.

During an interview with MTV News, the actor got wind of speculation around his name to play the next James Bond, to which the actor reacted with certain enthusiasm and already a lot of ideas in mind:

John Boyega in Detroit

“Hey, listen. With Steve McQueen, let's do it. We could show them something different. While still bringing sophistication. You know, James Bond has to stay James Bond. But we could do something about it. “

The actor would therefore seem to be leaving to take over the role, but with the filmmaker Steve McQueen behind the camera, known for his militant and political cinema with films such as Hunger or 12 Years a Slave. But who is also capable of venturing into pure genre cinema as with The Widows , a heist film bringing together a prestigious female cast, Viola Davis in the lead.

John Boyega, who looks a little Bond in this costume …

It is obviously not insignificant that Boyega cited Steve McQueen to direct a James Bond in which he would play the title role. Indeed, Boyega appears in the cast of one of the segments of Small Ax, an anthology of five episodes produced by McQueen, two of which were awarded the Cannes 2020 Label.

Steve McQueen's series, coming soon to Salto in France (currently airing on Amazon in the US and BBC in the UK), had unveiled a trailer for one of its two segments selected at Cannes, Mangrove , with notably Letitia Wright in the casting (the sister of Black Panther ).

As a reminder, Mourir can wait is now expected for a release on March 31, 2021 in France.

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