James Bond: the Russo brothers have a (good) idea for Daniel Craig's successor


Who will be the next James Bond now that Daniel Craig has hung up the suit? According to brothers Joe and Anthony Russo, an emerging star would be perfect in the role.

Since the British actor said goodbye to a good once and for all to the character of James Bond with Dying can wait(who would be, according to some members of the editorial staff, the best James Bond of the Daniel Craig era), speculation is rife as to his potential successor. And given the popularity of the character created by Ian Flemming in 1952, which has since become not only a small national treasure for the United Kingdom, but also a cornerstone of the current cultural and media landscape, in other words that the stakes are high.

Several names have thus been mentioned at length; Corridor noises, rumors and other more serious suggestions thus suggested that Tom Hardy, Luke Evans, James Norton, and Idris Elba could all more or less claim the role. It was even briefly mentioned that the next agent 007 could have been played by a woman, which producer Barbara Broccoli quickly denied by confirming that Daniel Craig's successor would indeed be a man.

The question therefore remains largely unanswered. Who the hell will have the strong enough shoulders and the necessary charisma to put on the famous costume? Well according to Joe and Anthony Russo, to whom we owe Avengers: Infinity War, and Endgame, the answer is clear. Indeed, according to an interview with Radio Time, the two filmmaker brothers easily imagine Regé-Jean Page, with whom they had the opportunity to collaborate on the new Netflix blockbuster The Gray Man, at the wheel of the Aston Martin:

“He's fantastic. He's got more charisma in his little finger than most people have in their whole body. You'd watch him do anything – you'd watch him read the yearbook!”,a thus affirmed Joe Russo. Then, to his brother Anthony to confirm: “Completely. He is a very shrewd performer, and he has a lot of charm”.

Revealed by the phenomenon The Bridgerton Chroniclein 2020, the 34-year-old actor was able to ward off the romantic image in which his character could have confined him by lending his features to CIA officer Danny Carmichael in The Gray Man . And since it clearly seemed important to him to demonstrate the full amplitude of his range of acting, the actor can also be (curiously) observed on the poster of the next adaptation on the big screen of < strong>Dungeons & Dragons (as if the putrid memory of the first three wasn't enough for Hollywood to learn the lesson).

Of course, these are only speculations. Nevertheless, since the success of his portrayal of Simon Basset in the Netflix series, the name of Regé-Jean Page seems to have made its way into the very selective viewfinder of Hollywood. To be continued ! Until then, the actor is in The Gray Man, available on the Red N catalog.


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