James Franco is going to play Fidel Castro in Alina of Cuba (and it's completely unexpected)


Because every day brings its share of daily surprises, today we learn that James Franco will play Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in the film Alina of Cuba.< /strong>

There are many mysteries in life. What is the meaning of life, why do the ears have that shape, what really happened in the editing room when Morbius was in post-production, why do people think- do they think the earth is flat? So many questions sadly condemned to remain unanswered.

And just to lengthen the list a bit, an article published by Variety announced that actor James Franco, a major absentee from film sets since 2019, will be not only back on the screens, but has, moreover,was chosen to lend his features to one of the leading figures of the Republic of Cuba. The story is absurd, we agree.

A very American Cuban

This will therefore be the first role assigned to the actor sincehis report for sexual harassment in 2018. Indeed, following his victory at the Golden Globes for his performance in The Disaster Artist, Franco had been accused by four former students of his acting school of having abused them during scenes of naked. Accusations he had made by acknowledging that he had indeed had intimate relations with the students in question.

In a perfect world, that would have meant a proper end to a career. But, since this is Hollywood, nothing happened, and James Franco can now return to the film sets as if nothing had happened. The American actor will therefore play Fidel Castro in the next feature film by Miguel Bardem, Alina of Cuba. A choice made by the Spanish filmmaker because of the physical resemblance between the actor and the dictator. At least that's what the project's producer, John Martinez O'Felan, told AFP.

Based on the autobiography of Alina Fernández (Fidel Castro's daughter), and set to shoot in Colombia from August 15, the film will chronicle life in exile of the young woman, and her opposition to the Castro regime. The latter will also be played by Ana Villafañe, while Mía Maestro will play Natalia Revuelta Clews, Alina's mother.

James Franco will also star in another film, directed by Danish filmmaker Bille August, and adapted from the novel Tu, Mio< /strong>, by Erri de Luca. There, he will play the role of a fisherman seducing the main character with his post-war stories. This film and Alina of Cuba are, a priori, both scheduled for release in 2023.


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