Jane Fonda: “Sex only gets better with age”


    Jane Fonda:

    Jane Fonda

    At 84, Jane Fonda doesn't mind talking frankly. In an interview for Andy Cohen's radio show, the star answered the host's questions about sex in adulthood.

    The actress currently described her personal life with the word “solo”, but Cohen's question about whether it is true that over the years sex is only better, answered in the affirmative:

    I think it is. It seems to me that with age, women cease to be afraid to talk about what they want. You know, we waste so much time just because we don't want to say directly: “Wait a minute, wait, no, no, slow down. And a little to the left.” Well, you see, we never feel like saying that. But when you get older, you already think: “Well, no, I know what I want, give me what I want.”

    Fonda, who rose to fame in the 60s and was considered the “queen of aerobics” in the 80s, continues to appear regularly for gloss, and journalists often ask her questions about her age.

    In another recent interview, Jane said :

    I know it sounds weird, but getting older — this is cool. At least it's definitely better than the alternative — die.

    The star stated that she “felt older at 20” and that in her youth, in her opinion, people have much more difficulties — they can't decide what they want to do, what they want out of life:

    Now it's easier, you say to yourself: “Oh, everything has already happened to me, and I don't really care.” You are much calmer, friendlier to the world, generally happier. And you know well what matters and what doesn't, so you don't drag all that extra baggage around with you,

    — the actress argues.

    Fonda was married three times. Five years ago, she broke up with her boyfriend, music producer Richard Perry, with whom she spent eight years. After that, the actress said that she “tied up with dates” and is happy alone.


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