Janusz Gajos and his wife found themselves in the center of media attention. Is his marriage in crisis, or is it just a moment of weakness

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Photojournalists captured the couple during a shopping trip. Rather, they were not in a very good mood.

 Janusz Gajos and his wife have become the center of media attention. Is his marriage in crisis, or is it just a moment of weakness

Portal & ldquo; Super Express & rdquo; reports that Janusz Gajos, like many other Polish stars, came to Gdynia on the occasion of the 47th Polish Film Festival in Feature.

However, photojournalists became interested in his activities between the events related to cinema. They captured the actor and his wife during a luxury purchase.

The round of high-end stores, however, did not put him in a good mood, on the contrary. While Elżbieta Gajos was looking at the next goods, her husband showed little interest in the whole trip.

At one point, it seems that he was so fed up with the purchase that he remained a bit behind. His wife, however, tirelessly walked in front of him, interested in more exhibitions.

The photos, however, do not give the full picture of the situation, so it is not known whether the popular actor was simply tired of the shopping fever or whether the couple had an argument.

Regardless, Janusz and Elżbieta Gajos were quickly reunited by bad weather. When it started to rain, they decided to end the whole trip and quickly moved away from all curious eyes and a photojournalist & oacute; w.

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