Japan executes the perpetrator of the Akihabara massacre by hanging


Japan hangs the perpetrator of the Akihabara massacre

Japan has executed this Tuesday the author of the “Akihabara massacre“, one of the deadliest and notorious events of recent years in the country, in which seven people died and ten were injured in 2008 in the crowded commercial center of the electronics Unique in Tokyo.

Tomohiro Kato, also known as the “Akihabara murderer”, was executed this Tuesday at the age of 39. you on the gallows, as established by Japanese law. Kato made a “meticulous preparation” for the attack and showed a “strong intention to kill”, according to what the Japanese Minister of Justice, Yoshihisa Furukawa, reported in a press conference. “The death sentence in this case was reached through sufficient court deliberation. Based on this fact, I approved the execution after extremely strict scrutiny,” he added.

Kato brought He carried out the massacre on June 8, 2008, and told police that he had gone “to Akihabara to kill people, no matter who he killed.” He was 25 years old at the time of the attack. He was arrested at the site shortly after the attacks, in which he rammed a gun. He drove a rented truck into a crowd, before getting out of the vehicle and stabbing random people. “This is a very painful case that had very serious consequences and shocked society,” Furukawa said on Tuesday.

The son of a banker, Kato, sentenced to death in 2011, grew up in the northern prefecture of Aomori where he graduated. from a top-tier school. failed in his university entrance exams and later studied auto mechanic

Internet messages

According to prosecutors, his self-esteem fell. plummeted after a woman he was chatting with on the internet left of sending you emails abruptly when you sent him a message. a photograph of him. His anger against the general public grew. When his comments in a public internet bulletin, including his plans to carry out the massacre, generated no reaction, they added.

While awaiting trial, Kato wrote to him. to a 56-year-old taxi driver, injured in the massacre, to express his regret. The victims “were enjoying their lives, they had dreams, promising futures, families, lovers, friends and colleagues,” he wrote. Kato, according to a copy published in the weekly Shukan Asahi. He also said that he was remorseful during his court hearing. “Let me take this opportunity to apologize,” he said.

As a result of this crime, which occurred seven years after the massacre committed by a man armed with a butcher knife in an elementary school in Osaka (west), the Japanese authorities prohibited the possession of fists. Double-edged ales with blades longer than 5.5 centimeters.

Death penalty

The execution of Kato is the first application of the penalty The capital has been in Japan since last December, when three people convicted of murder were executed by hanging on the same day.

Japan and the United States are among the worst. The last industrialized and democratic countries that continue to apply the capital punishment, a punishment that has broad support in Japanese public opinion.

The Japanese government s believes that “it is not appropriate” to abolish the death penalty, considering that “heinous crimes such as mass killings and murders during armed robberies continue to occur frequently,” the justice minister said on Tuesday.


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