Japan took first place in the ranking of passports. Russia in 50th place


    Japan ranked first in the ranking of passports. Russia ranked 50th

    Henley & Partners has released the next rating of world passports — documents are assessed according to the opportunity they provide for free travel (without a visa and with a visa on arrival). Japan retained leadership — citizens of this country can freely enter 193 countries (one more than the previous rating), which was a record for the entire 17-year history of the rating. Singapore and South Korea came in second with 192 countries, while Germany and Spain tied for third with 190 countries.

    Japan ranked first in the passport ranking. Russia ranked 50th

    119 visa-free destinations are now open for Russians — domestic passport was in 50th place in the ranking. But the authors of the “passport index” note that this is more of a nominal figure, since “Russian citizens are effectively prohibited from traveling in most of the developed world, with the exception of Istanbul and Dubai.” These cities, as noted, are now especially attracting Russians.

    The authors acknowledge that the data for other passports is partly nominal, as international tourism has been seriously limited over the past two years due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Passport Rating Henley & Partners is updated quarterly.


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