Jarosław Bieniuk praised the family photo. Internet users are strongly divided. Sharp words referring to the former partner Anna Przybylska were uttered


The former footballer is rebuilding his life, this time alongside the model Zuzanna Pactwa. Not everyone likes it.

 Jarosław Bieniuk praised the family photo. Internet users are strongly divided. There were sharp words referring to the former partner of Anna Przybylska

Jarosław Bieniuk found himself in the center of media attention, first because of his relationship with a popular and well-liked actress, and then because of her death. The former footballer was left alone with his three children. After some time, however, he began to get along with Martyna Gliwińska, who is raising his fourth child on his own, and recently with the model Zuzanna Pactwa.

Portal & bdquo; lelum & rdquo; reports that many fans, however, do not fully accept this relationship, as evidenced by the storm of comments on the last photo shared by Jarosław Bieniuk on social media.

The photo shows the former footballer, his girlfriend and daughter Oliwia. Everyone is in great spirits, and the footballer himself proudly signed the photo of & ldquo; My girls & rdquo; adding hearts.

Many fans were delighted to comment on the post right away, appreciating the family atmosphere and good relations between the current partner and Jarosław Bieniuk's daughter.

Nevertheless, there were also less benevolent people who did not like the current relationship. Even the deceased Ania Przybylska was referred to.

& ldquo; The partner of the massacre, horse-peasant, forgive Jarosław, but Neither in beauty is any d & oacute; wna & rdquo; & mdash; was recognized by one of the instagram girls.

The former footballer decided not to refer to these words, but he has repeatedly made it clear that his late wife still has a special place in his heart despite finding a new one love.

As reported by & bdquo; Życie.news & rdquo ;: If you have similar features, they can be a clear proof that you've been reincarnated! Many of us would like to know our previous incarnation.

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