Jarosław Kaczyński says goodbye to a loved one. Immersed in sadness, he publishes touching words

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The PiS president lost someone who played an important role in his life.

Jarosław Kaczyński bids farewell to a loved one. Saddened in sadness, he publishes touching words

Jarosław Kaczyński is immersed in the b & oacute; l after the departure of a good companion, or in fact a friend, Zbigniew Sobolewski, who was not only a business man, but also a co-founder of the Center Agreement, i.e. the introductory party founded by Kaczyński.

Jarosław Kaczyński touchingly said goodbye to the initiator of the monument to the deceased Lech Kaczyński

Jarosław Kaczyński had to say goodbye to the late Zbigniew Sobolewski, who passed away on October 17 at the age of 66. He was a valued businessman from Siedlce and the creator of the shop chain & ldquo; Carlos & rdquo ;.

As reported by “Super Express”, one of the weekly magazines published the words of farewell to the deceased, the author of which was the president of Law and Justice. The text contains the words about Jarosław Kaczyński's friend: – Our Friend, a good and creative man, a righteous Pole, a patriot deeply involved in the transformation of our homeland after 1989, an outstanding son of the Siedlce Region, who served as a social activist, politician and entrepreneur – the words of farewell.

The late Zbigniew Sobolewski may have been an important figure in the life of Jarosław Kaczyński, as the entrepreneur once initiated and headed the Social Committee for the Construction of the Lech Kaczyński Monument in Siedlce.

In his opinion, the monument was to commemorate the person of the tragically deceased president of Poland, and to connect those for whom sovereign and independent Poland was a very important idea. We are still waiting for details about Zbigniew Sobolewski's funeral ceremonies.

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