Jean Charest asks the Conservative authorities to hold a third official debate


Jean Charest asks the Conservative authorities to hold a third official debate

Jean Charest is one of the favorites in the race for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

Jean Charest urges the authorities of the Conservative Party to organize a third official debate for the leadership candidates.

In a post on Twitter on Wednesday, the former premier of Quebec posed the question to the authorities of the Conservative Party and to the members of the Organizing Committee for the election of the leader: Hey, are we going to do it this third formal debate?

Committee members are due to meet on Wednesday evening and a decision could then be made on whether to hold a third debate in August.

Jean Charest maintains that four of the five candidates in the race, without identifying them, are in favor of the organization of a third official debate. He also maintains that many new members have requested it.

Party members in good standing have started voting by mail and the party has started validating ballots that have already been returned. The official results will be announced in Ottawa on September 10.

In addition to Mr. Charest, candidates Scott Aitchison and Roman Baber have also expressed their desire to participate in a third debate.

The Conservative leadership race is marked by the disqualification of Patrick Brown.

Leslyn Lewis's team recently declared that the candidate was traveling the country to meet activists, but that she would participate in a third debate if the party decided to organize one.

On the side of Pierre Poilievre, his team had not yet responded on Wednesday to a request to comment on the situation. Mr. Poilievre did not participate 10 days ago in the unofficial debate that was held when the candidates were all in the heart of conservative Alberta to attend the Calgary Stampede.


According to the statutes of the Conservative Party, the candidates are required to take part in the official debates, organized by the authorities; they can be fined if they don't show up.

The Conservative Party has already held two official debates in May in this race for chiefdom, one in English and the other in French, in Edmonton and Laval respectively. But the authorities have warned the campaign teams that there could be a third debate at the beginning of August.

The authorities have had to compose in recent weeks with the disqualification of Patrick Brown. But last week, the party emailed members asking if they wanted another debate.


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