Jean Charest earned nearly $70,000 in two months during his time at CN

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Jean Charest earned nearly $70,000 in two months during his time at CN

Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest briefly served as a director of the CN rail company in 2022. (Photo by archives)

Former Quebec Premier Jean Charest pocketed a salary of just under $70,000 during his brief stint as a director of the Canadian National Railway Company (CN).

Mr. Charest was appointed director at the start of 2022, but resigned two months later to run for the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada, without success. In total, he earned $68,987 during his time at CN, according to regulatory documents released by the company.

The rail carrier also disclosed language skills of its director candidates: 3 of the 11 candidates are fluent in French.

Last year, CN, headquartered in Montreal, had been criticized because it no longer had a French-speaking administrator after the departure of Mr. Charest.

Having taken office last October, the President and Chief Executive Officer of Innergex, Michel Letellier, is the only director whose mother tongue is French. Directors Susan Jones and Justin Howel are bilingual.

President and CEO Tracy Robinson, who pledged to learn French upon taking office in February 2022, did not list the mastery of the language of Molière among his skills. Ms. Robinson earned total compensation of $13.7 million in 2022.

Earlier in March, CN announced its registration with the Office québécois de la French language (OQLF) in accordance with law 96, which came into force last year. The carrier had clarified that its discussions with the OQLF over the past few months were aimed at finding a way to reconcile the obligations arising from federal law with CN's desire to voluntarily register with the OQLF. Office.

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