Jean-Pascal Zadi wants to become president in the Netflix teaser of En Place

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Netflix has just unveiled the crazy trailer for Jean-Pascal Zadi's presidential series, En Place.

The Conquest of power has often inspired writers and filmmakers, eager for political intrigue, colorful portraits in fiction based on real or imaginary facts. However, from time to time, some people prefer to indulge in humor and irony rather than fooling around to describe these races to the top. We remember Presidents by Anne Fontaine or the heartbreaking Les Tuche 3.

Known for his squeaky comedy Simply Blackand for having contributed to the screenplay of Black Snake, the Legend of the Black Snake, Jean-Pascal Zadi has since officiated in the creation of the series Carrément craignos. Always adept at provocation in a good mood, the filmmaker is embarking on a new adventure with the series, En Place, a priori earthy, to come on Netflix. Moreover, the platform has just unveiled the first teaser of En Place.

Despite its short duration, this first trailer effectively presents all the elements, but also all the themes that will cross Jean-Pascal Zadi's next baby. Apparently, the latter embodies an educator, working in a disadvantaged neighborhood, who launches under the leadership of Eric Judor, in the race for the presidency of the Republic. A postulate certainly already seen, but which should benefit from the devastating treatment of Jean-Pascal Zadi.

Indeed, the first images promise an identical irreverence to the one used on Tout Simplement Noir. We quickly understand that beyond the giggles and the sometimes big gags, Jean-Pascal Zadi will once again paint a picture of society not stung by the beetles as evidenced by the short rap sequence slipped at the end of the trailer.

In addition to Eric Judor , Benoît Poelvoorde and Marina Foïs complete the cast of this crazy new program. The series thus offers itself quality interpreters in order to fuel the hilarious debates which each episode should abound. En Place will land on Netflix on January 20, 2023. In the meantime, you can find Jean-Pascal Zadi in Quentin Dupieux's next film, Smoking makes you cough, this November 30, 2022.

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