Jenni Hermoso supports the 15 players who resign from the national team

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Jenni Hermoso supports the 15 players who resign from the national team

Forward Jenni Hermoso, one of the captains of the national team; n Spanish women's soccer, announced This Tuesday on her Twitter account, she supported the 15 Red players who asked not to be summoned by her insurmountable disagreements with her The coach Jorge Vilda. “I want to publicly express my support for all the compa├▒eras who a few days ago decided to communicate their position. Not only do I understand their reasons, but I also I have not experienced many of the sensations and concerns that you have communicated,” he said. Beautiful in their social networks.

Last week a group of soccer players wrote emails to the Spanish Federation in which they announced that they did not want to be called up to the national team, after questioning the work of coach Jorge Vilda. In the message, the players explained that they will not return to the team until the situation is reversed, which, as they insisted, affects their health and emotional state.

“The situation we are experiencing does not come overnight. It is evident that it is the consequence of a cu├║cute ;mulle of events, behaviors, decisions, failed attempts and wear and tear for trying to make the player's voice heard”, added Hermoso, an attacker for Pachuca in the Mexican league. Hermoso is not part of the group of 'las fifteen', however, he reiterated solidarity with his teammates and confessed to being going through a moment of sadness due to the breakdown within the harmony of the group.

“This lack of communication has generated internal doubts that have worn the common commitment of the team and, although it does not share the forms, it does. I empathize with the need to do something since we are in the midst of an unsustainable situation that does not benefit Spanish women's football at all.”

“The reality is that I have not I sleep, thinking of solutions and looking for explanations to the emptiness so great that I feel inside of me. And it is that, after what we have worked for, it breaks my heart to recognize that we are experiencing the worst moments of women's football in Spain“, she added.< /p>