Jerzy Połomski is dead. It is known what happened

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The news of the death of the legend of Polish show business shocked everyone.

Jerzy is dead Połomski. We know what happened

Jerzy Połomski died at the age of 89. The legendary Polish singer died today, November 14, 2022. The artist's death was confirmed by the manager.

Jerzy Połomski spent the last years of his life at the House of Veteran Artists of Polish Stages in Skolimów. Jerzy Połomski had problems with memory and hearing, and on Wednesday he was hospitalized.

In an interview with Super Express, the artist's manager revealed that Jerzy Połomski had an infection. The artist's organism could not cope with the infection. However, Mrs. Violeta added that it is difficult for her to say something more precisely now. It is known that the doctors fought to the last.

For many years, Jerzy Połomski was one of the most famous artists, and his songs are known all over Poland.

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