Jerzy Połomski left behind a considerable fortune. Who will fall to?

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What will happen to Jerzy Połomski's estate?

Jerzy Połomski left behind a considerable fortune. Who will receive the inheritance

According to the “Super Express” portal, Jerzy Połomski prescribed his 100-meter apartment in Mokotów to his manager during his lifetime. According to the tabloid, this is not the only property the artist had. In the summer of that year, he inherited an apartment belonging to his older sister. Who will get it?

The estate of Jerzy Połomski

Jerzy Połomski did not belong to people who squandered the money they earned. The artist invested part of his money in buying a 100-meter apartment in Warsaw's Mokotów district. Two years ago, the media was informed that the artist decided to transfer his apartment to his manager — Violetta Lewandowska.

In the notarial deed, which was drawn up at the time, the artist's manager agreed to take care of him in his illness and lifelong care in exchange for the aforementioned apartment. However, the artist spent the last several months of his life not in his home, but in the House of Veteran Artists of Polish Stages in Skolimów.

 Jerzy Połomski left behind a considerable fortune. sister Jadwiga Pająk wrote a notarial deed in which the woman indicated that she wanted all her property to pass into the hands of Połomski after her death. The next people who were to have the right to inheritance were Połomski's niece with her daughter and her brother.</p><p>“Super Express” reports that Violetta Lewndowska also appeared in an apartment of 35 square meters. The value of the property is estimated at half a million zlotys. What will be the fate of the apartment after Jadwiga Pająk? We'll keep you informed.</p><p><p><img decoding=

Do you think that we will court battle for inheritance?

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