Jerzy Stuhr issued an official statement. “I made the worst decision in my life”

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What was in Jerzy Stuhr's statement?

Jerzy Stuhr made an official statement.

As the “Super Express” website reminds, Jerzy Stuhr ran down a motorcyclist on one of Krakow's streets. The police were called to the scene and carried out a breathalyser test. It turned out that the actor had 0.7 per mille of alcohol in the exhaled air. Officers seized Stuhr's driving license. Via social media, the actor issued a statement regarding the incident with his participation.

Jerzy Stuhr published an apology

The road incident involving Jerzy Stuhr took place in Monday, October 17. Soon after the incident, there were a number of reports about its course. The “TVP Info” portal reported that the actor had run into a motorcyclist and tried to escape from the scene of the accident. After being stopped by the police, it turned out that Stuhr had 0.7% alcohol in his blood.

One day after the event, the actor commented on the situation by issuing a special statement in which he presented his version of the events and apologized. The apology appeared on his son Maciej Stuhr's social media profile.

Jerzy Stuhr admitted that the decision to drive a car after drinking was “the worst in his life”, which he “regrets very much” and “apologizes” for. He also assured that he “did not run away from the incident site”, but waited on the spot for the arrival of the police together with the motorcyclist. The actor added that he cooperates with the police who are dealing with the case.

Comments from internet users

Pod Jerzy Stuhr's statement contained over 6,000 comments. There were voices of indignation, mockery and comments that are not even appropriate to quote. Some Internet users, however, appreciated the fact that the actor admitted his mistake and apologized for it.

“Everyone has committed or will make mistakes in their life. it is difficult for people to say “- wrote one of the Internet users who commented on the statement.

 Jerzy Stuhr issued an official statement.

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