Jesuits of Canada reveal names of 27 priests accused of sexual abuse

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Canadian Jesuits Reveal Names of 27 Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

< p class="sc-v64krj-0 dlqbmr">Father Erik Oland leads the Jesuit order in Canada.

The Jesuits of Canada on Monday released a list of 27 priests they say have been “credibly accused” of sexually abusing minors over the past six decades.

Warning : the following passages may confuse some readers.

Over the past three decades or more, revelations of serious abuse by clergy dating back generations have come to light, and the Church has been slow to respond, said Fr. Erik Oland, Provincial Superior of the Jesuits of Canada, in a letter to the faithful posted on the Jesuits of Canada website.

By meeting the victims, hearing their stories and reading the reports of their experiences, we felt shame and became aware that the only way forward is one of truth, healing and reconciliation.

In December 2019, the religious order announced it would release the names after a comprehensive audit of 60 years of files with the help of King International Advisory Group, an independent health assessment organization. risks.

The religious order of the Catholic Church had originally planned to publish the list before January 2021. In his letter on Monday, Mr. Oland attributed the delay to a slowdown related to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Radio-Canada has not independently verified the allegations against the 27 men on the list. The majority of them died.

The vast majority of cases surfaced after the death of the alleged perpetrator, according to Erik's statement Oland. He also noted that some of the cases have never made it to criminal or civil court.

Not everyone will view the release of the list as a positive step, continues the press release.

We realize that seeing an abuser's name printed on it can reopen old wounds. Nonetheless, we are publishing this list in part at the request of victims and victim advocacy groups in order to promote healing, acknowledge the severity of their trauma and suffering, validate their experience, and promote justice and transparency. .

The Jesuit Order of Canada claims nearly 250 members in Canada.

Mr. Oland encourages anyone who has experienced sexual abuse at the hands of a Jesuit to contact 911, the local child protective agency as well as the religious order.

Support is available for anyone who has experienced sexual violence. You can access crisis services and local support through this Government of Canada website or with the Canadian Association for end the violence.

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