Joanna and Krzysztof Ibisz welcomed their first child in the world. “Mom and baby are doing well”

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The Ibish baby was born a few days before the expected date.

 Joanna and Krzysztof Ibiszów welcomed their first child in the world.

As reported by the portal “Pomponik”, Krzysztof and Joanna Ibisz were happy parents. Their baby was born a few days before the scheduled date. How are the freshly baked mum and baby feeling?

Joanna and Krzysztof Ibisz do not hide their happiness

Joanna Kudzbalska and Krzysztof Ibisz met in 2019 and completely lost their heads. In 2021, they decided to get married. In June of this year, the presenter and his wife announced the joyful news by publishing a joint photo of which Joanna presented her already substantial pregnancy belly.

“Krzysztof and Joanna are very happy. Everything went according to plan – a healthy baby was born just a few days ahead of schedule. Mom and baby are doing well” – reports the source of the portal “Pomponik”.

This is another child of Krzysztof Ibisz

Although the first child of Krzysztof and Joanna Ibisz appeared in the world, it is not the first child of a popular presenter. Ibisz has two sons. The older of them, 23-year-old Maksymilian, is the fruit of the presenter's relationship with the journalist Anna Zajder, with whom he was associated in 1998-2004.

The second child of Krzysztof Ibisz is Vincent. The 16-year-old is a child who the presenter lived to see from a relationship with Anna Nowak-Ibisz, who was married from 2005 to 2009. The couple still have friendly relations, which can be seen on social media from time to time.

Congratulations to freshly baked parents. If there is any new information on the matter, we will certainly inform you!

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