Joanna Kurowska revealed the secret of Emilian Kamiński. “He told me that he talks to ghosts in the tenement house”

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Joanna Kurowska remembers Emilian Kamiński.

Joanna Kurowska betrayed the secret of Emilian Kamiński.

As the “Pomponik” portal reminds, Emilian Kamiński died on Monday, December 26, 2022. After this information appeared, many memories about the artist appeared on social media and not only. A few words about Kamiński were also said by Joanna Kurowska, whose confession about him may come as a big surprise to many people.

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The information about the death of Emilian Kamiński was a huge shock for many. Although the actor struggled with serious problems, he tried to remain professionally active until the end. He acted in films and ran his beloved Teatr Kamienica.

Unfortunately, the disease turned out to be stronger than him, the actor passed away on December 26, 2022 at his home in Józefów, where his loved ones were with him until the end. The funeral of the artist took place on January 4. Emilian Kamiński's body was laid to rest in Aleja Zasłużonych in Warsaw's Powązki Cemetery, where crowds bid him farewell.

Joanna Kurowska remembers Emilian Kamiński

Joanna Kurowska had the opportunity to work with Emilian Kamiński more than once on various types of projects. Like many other people, the actress is of the opinion that with his death, the Polish artistic community has suffered an irreparable loss. On the occasion of sharing her memory of Kamiński, Kurowska revealed that he had a unique gift.

“We sat in his theater many times in the morning, he said that he met ghosts everywhere. He told me that he talked to ghosts in Kamienica. He told stories about the late director of the Ateneum Theater coming to him and having meetings with Bardini” – she revealed Joanna Kurowska in an interview with “Fact”.

Joanna Kurowska betrayed the secret of Emilian Kamiński.

According to Kurowska, Emilian Kamiński was distinguished among many actors by the fact that he treated acting as a kind of mission, not as a way to earn money. She emphasized that he did not want to work with actors who treated acting as a way to earn staggering sums, completely cynical.

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