Joanna Kurska was called to the carpet. Is this the end of her adventure with “Question for Breakfast”. All because of Jacek Kurski's new job

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Will the president of TVP decide to release Joanna Kurska from “Questions for Breakfast”?

Joanna Kurska was called to the carpet. Is this the end of her adventure with

According to the “Pomponik” portal, Joanna Kurska was summoned to her superior on the carpet. The current president of TVP was to call Kursk in connection with the information that the media circulated last Wednesday. We are talking about the new position of her husband, who is to start working at the World Bank. The institution is based in the United States and Jacek Kurski is facing a move. Kurska's fate in “Question for breakfast” is in doubt, at least such rumors are circulating in Woronicza.

Jacek Kurski with a new job

On Wednesday, December 7 one of the most important information was the one about Jacek Kurski's new job. The former president of TVP was appointed by Adam Glapiński to work at the World Bank in Washington (United States). For many it was a huge shock, not only because of Kurski's potential competence.

Many expected Jacek Kurski to return to active politics again. There was even speculation that he might enter the government. Ultimately, the former president has to “be satisfied” with a job in the US, where he can count on earnings exceeding 83,000. PLN per month!

What's next for Joanna Kurska on TVP?

After the media circulated information about Jacek Kurski's new job, speculation began in the corridors of TVP about the future of Joanna Kurska at the station. Recall that after Kurski's dismissal, his wife became the head of “Questions for Breakfast”. Perhaps her husband's departure abroad will end her breakfast adventure.

Kurska was summoned to the president himself in this matter, who wanted to find out what the future plans of the head of “Questions for Breakfast” are.

” The company says that Matyszkowicz invites her to see what her future plans are, whether she is leaving the country with her husband or staying. this” – revealed the person related to the question for breakfast in an interview with “Videoportal”.

Joanna Kurska was summoned to the carpet. Is this the end of her adventure with

Apparently, the person concerned was supposed to assure her colleagues about this that she does not intend to move to the USA.

Do you think that Joanna Kurska will actually stay in the country and in “Question for Breakfast”?

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