Joe Biden Enacts Transparency Law on Origins of COVID-19 | Coronavirus

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Joe Biden enacts COVID-19 Origins Transparency Law | Coronavirus

The market from which the first cases of coronavirus contamination are said to have originated, in Wuhan, China.

The President American Joe Biden announced in a statement on Monday that he had enacted a law that allows the declassification of documents concerning the origins of COVID-19, which appeared in China.

We need to get to the bottom of the origins of COVID to make sure we can better prevent future pandemics, Joe Biden said. My administration will declassify and publish as much information as possible, while respecting national security, promised the American president.

Supported initially by the Republican opposition, this text was finally the subject of a massive consensus with the Democrats since it was voted unanimously by the House of Representatives , with a conservative majority.

This is all the more notable since the pandemic has created particularly deep partisan divisions in the United States, whether on vaccination , for example, or on preventive measures.

Federal Police Director Christopher Wray recently said he believes a lab accident in Wuhan, China , was most likely the cause of the pandemic, soon after a similar hypothesis put forward by the US Department of Energy.

This led to particular the World Health Organization to ask Americans to share their information.

The scientific community remains divided between supporters of the hypothesis of transmission by intermediate animal and those who defend the thesis of the flight from a laboratory in Wuhan.

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