Joe Biden: “Nuclear Armageddon is Closer Than Ever Since the Cuban Missile Crisis”

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Joe Biden:

The occupants of the White House usually opt for restraint when describing the risks of using weapons nuclear weapons since October 1962, when after 13 days of the so-called missile crisis in Cuba, the United States and Russia avoided an atomic confrontationwith a combination of strategy and luck. Nor had Russian leaders in the last 60 years made direct threats to use their nuclear arsenal. Now, with the war in Ukraine, everything has changed. In Moscow and, also, in Washington.

Speaking at a meeting this Thursday with Democratic donors in New York, the current president of the United States, Joe Biden, made a remarkably direct and alarming statementon the situation after the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has repeatedly threatened and leaving little room for interpretation with using the devastating weapons.

“Direct Threat”

“We haven't faced the prospect of Armageddon since (President John F.) Kennedy,” Biden said. “For the first time since the Cuban missile crisis we have thedirect threat of the use of a nuclear weapon if, in fact, things continue the way they are”.

Two messages

The unheard-of message from Biden In that speech heard by the journalists covering the president, it contrasts with the public discourse that his Administration has maintained up to now, from which senior officials continue to send the message that considers the risk of Putin using an atomic weapon to be low. This very week, for example, like this. spokesmen for the National Security Council and the White House said so.

yes However, concern about the possibility of the Kremlin using tactical nuclear weapons, or chemical or biological weapons, is widespread. And although these atomic weapons have a shorter range and payload, they also have devastating potential. They are, moreover, the ones that, according to many experts and critics, have precisely contributed to undermining the taboo of women. nuclear power and heighten the dangers in crisis situations.

“We have a guy I know pretty well.He's not kidding when he talks about the potential use of tactical weapons nuclear or biological or chemical,” Biden said Thursday, linking Putin's statements to the “significantly disappointing” performance of the Russian Army in the conflict in Ukraine and raised Aloud the unknowns about “what would be your exit ramp? how do you find a way out? Would he be in a position where he would not only lose honor but also significant power within Russia?” These are unanswered questions.

Biden's words also touched on another thorny issue. Because if the Russian leader were to turn his threats into reality, the great dilemma for the US and its allies would be how to respond. And although many observers and experts have estimated that Washington could reply with conventional weapons so as not to enter a path of no return, giving donors another disturbing message. “I don't think there is such a thing as the ability to use a tactical nuclear weapon and not end an armageddon,” he said.