Joe Biden tests positive for COVID-19 again: White House


Joe Biden tested positive for COVID-19 again, — White House

The American leader did not show new symptoms of coronavirus disease, but the head of the White House will be forced to self-isolate again.< /p>

President of the United States Joe Biden has received a new positive test for COVID-19. Kevin O'Connor, the American leader's physician, published this information in his report, which was published on the White House website.

According to him, after several negative tests for coronavirus infection that were made during the current week, Joe Biden received positive results of the study.

Due to the identified COVID-19, as Kevin O'Connor notes, the US President will be forced to return to self-isolation. The personal doctor's report also said that Joe Biden did not show new symptoms and the head of the White House is doing well, but he will have to adhere to strict isolation measures again.

The information about a positive test for COVID-19 was later personally confirmed American President in his Twitter microblog. According to Joe Biden, a small number of people experience this kind of interleaved test results.

“I don't have any symptoms, but I'm going to self-isolate for the safety of everyone around. I'm still at work and will be back in build,” the American president summed up in his microblog.

Later, Joe Biden spoke about his health after being diagnosed with a coronavirus disease. According to the American leader, he was in quarantine and takes the antiviral drug Paxlovid, which is effective in the early stages of the disease.


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