Joe Biden will seek new life with his State of the Union address

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Joe Biden will seek new life with his State of the Union address

President Joe Biden (File Photo)

Mud in the polls, encumbered by his age, jostled by the Chinese ball affair, Joe Biden will try Tuesday, before Congress, to tell Americans that he remains their best option despite everything.

I want to talk to the American people and inform them. What is going on? What are my plans? What did we do? This is how the 80-year-old president summed up what his solemn State of the Union address will be on Monday, in front of a few journalists.

Joe Biden has not formalized his candidacy for the 2024 election. If he runs, he will have to convince his compatriots to give him the keys to the White House until 86 years, while he is already the oldest president ever elected.

He starts from afar. According to a Washington Post and ABC poll, 62% of Americans believe the Democrat has done little or nothing since January 2021.

This is particularly problematic for the Democrat who is not really charismatic or particularly focused on oratorical flights. The American president is counting on his record.

However, the gigantic investments and major economic reforms launched by Joe Biden do not impress with the electorate, any more than the robust growth or the low unemployment rate. Households remain marked by a historic surge in inflation, more tangible than the progression of the gross domestic product.

The American executive has planned a series of trips to try remedy.

US President Joe Biden during his visit to California following the deadly storms that hit the state this winter. (File photo)

The president must therefore multiply the inaugurations of tunnels and bridges and travel the country to talk about the cost of living, proving in passing that he has the energy to govern while campaigning.

The Democrat knows that his best chance, as already in 2020, is not to present himself as the candidate of the heart, but as that of reason against former President Donald Trump, already in the campaign.< /p>

Faced with Republicans who are masters of the House of Representatives and ready for all confrontations, Joe Biden should present himself as a pragmatic president, open to political dialogue.

Small consolation: the Republican billionaire's candidacy inspires no more enthusiasm than his own.

According to the previously cited poll, 62% of Americans would be disappointed or unhappy if Joe Biden were re-elected in 2024, and 56% would be for Donald Trump.

Chinese President Xi Jinping and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin at Beijing, in 2018. (File photo)

In such a speech, the president traditionally brushes aside all possible domestic political topics. But this year, as in 2022, international perils will figure prominently.

Last year, Joe Biden addressed Congress days after the invasion of Ukraine. This time, he will be able to present himself as a pilot of the Western response against Russia. But it will be especially awaited on China.

Why did the Chinese send a balloon over the United States? asked a reporter. Because it's the Chinese, he replied, with a smile.

Before Congress on Tuesday, he will need more than a pirouette.

According to one of the White House spokesmen, John Kirby, the president will speak about the leading role of America in the world in general, and in particular the management of the strategic rivalry with China.

US President Joe Biden addresses reporters in connection with the Chinese 'spy balloon' destroyed on February 4, 2023. (File photo)

The conservative opposition accuses him of having lacked firmness in delaying the shooting down of the machine on Saturday which had been flying over America for several days.

Nikki Haley, former UN ambassador and ready to challenge Donald Trump for the Republican nomination in 2024, has already ranted on Twitter that Biden is letting China walk all over us. It's time for America to be strong again.

To formally respond to Joe Biden, the Republican Party has appointed Sarah Huckabee Sanders, former spokesperson for Donald Trump, now Governor of Arkansas. She has already given the tenor of her speech: to defend our freedom against the radical left.