John Wall reveals the ordeal he has experienced in recent years: “I thought about killing myself”

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John Wall reveals the ordeal he has lived in recent years:

The NBA player John Wall, 31, has unveiled the Calvary that he has lived during the last years in an interview for NBC Sports. The new point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, second highest paid in the league (47.3 million dollars per year) just behind Stephen Curry, He has recounted how the deaths of his mother and grandmother, in addition to the injuries, which have allowed him to play only 30 gamesin the last three years.

The one who was 2010 Draft #1 has also drawn on his personal experience to underscore the importance of mental health care.

Three years of nightmare

In full preparation for the new season, which starts in less than two months, John Wall has opened up in an interview for NBC Sports. In it, the player born in North Carolina has confessed that he came & guĂ©; to have suicidal thoughts: “In the last three years I have even thought about suicide. I ruptured my Achilles tendon strong>. My mother passed away. A year later, my grandmother the middle of the coronavirus pandemic. It's hard, but yes, I got there. to think about it“, he recounted.

Wall disputed his last game in the NBA on April 23, 2021. Since then, injuries have kept the player away from the pitch. However, the lack of continuity of one of the greatest talents in the league has not prevented the point guard trained at the University of Kentucky from getting a 'super contract ' with the Clippers.

Help and therapy

Furthermore, the star who led to the Washington Wizards for nine seasons has revealed that he requested the help of a professional to face this stage of her life: “I had to go seek help from a therapist”, she explained. “A lot of people think they don't need help, that they can get over it. But you have to be true to yourself and find what's best for you. and so did I,” he added.

LeBron James's reaction

The reactions to this shocking statement have been swift, and other stars of the league have strong>solidarity with Wall through social networks. LeBron James himself, a living basketball legend and current player for the other Los Angeles franchise, the Lakers, has shown full support to his colleague in a tweet: “And I mean always! Never question it, brother. Proud of you strong>,” he shared, referring to a previous tweet offering the Clippers player help for anything.