Johnny Depp played a blind sailor in the promotional video for the online game Sea Of Dawn


    Johnny Depp played a blind sailor in Sea Of Dawn promo video

    Johnny Depp in Sea of ​​Dawn trailer

    Johnny Depp starred in a promo video for the new online multiplayer game Sea of ​​Dawn, which was developed by the Chinese company Changyou, who created the popular Dragon Oath project.

    Sea of ​​Dawn is dedicated to the Age of Discovery. Users are invited to explore uncharted shores on warships, trade, compete with other sailors, they can also act as pirates. 

    Johnny Depp plays a blind sailor in Sea Of promo video Dawn

    In the game's trailer movie, Johnny Depp played an eccentric adventurer named Philip, who is blind and can no longer go to sea. According to the plot of the video, a man named Anselm Rodriguez comes to visit Philip, and the former sailor instills in his guest a thirst for wandering.

    Depp not only acted as an actor, but also took an active part in creating the character's character.< /p>

    If there is an opportunity to put a little humor into the image, I will use it. I love watching characters who have the guts to do things I would never do myself,

    — told Johnny in a behind-the-scenes video about making the promotional film.

    Johnny Depp plays a blind sailor in Sea Of Dawn promo video

    Remember, that Johnny Depp faced difficulties in his professional life after his ex-wife Amber Heard accused him of domestic violence. Johnny was forced to turn down the role of Gellert Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts film franchise based on the Harry Potter universe, he was no longer invited to other projects.

    After Depp won the trial of the ex-wife in the case of slander, netizens began to predict a new start for his career. It was recently revealed that Netflix has acquired the rights to stream La Favorite, a French movie starring Johnny.

    Sea Of Dawn is now live in China. It is scheduled for release in the US and Europe at the end of the year.


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