Johnson gives advice to successor on Ukraine


Johnson advised successor on Ukraine

Current British Prime Minister expressed his parting words to the future head of government. He advised “to stay close to the Americans”, as well as “to protect the Ukrainians”.

The future head of the British government should “stay close” to the United States and “protect the Ukrainians”.

This was announced by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson during his last series of questions to the Prime Minister in the British Parliament, reports Sky News.

Thus, in his closing speech, he voiced a number of tips for a future successor or successor.

“First, stay close to the Americans, protect the Ukrainians, stand up for freedom and democracy everywhere,” the current prime minister emphasized.

Johnson also advised lowering taxes and deregulating wherever there is such an opportunity to attract investment.

He also added that the successor should do not forget: you need to remember about the people who elect the government, and not about your popularity.

Note that on Wednesday, July 21, the British Conservative deputies will vote for the last time for candidates for the position of party leader in order to determine two finalists race.

Recall that on July 7, Boris Johnson announced that he was leaving the posts of British Prime Minister and head of the ruling Conservative Party amid a series of scandals.

Earlier it was reported that in the UK, the former head Ministry of Finance Rishi Sunak became the favorite in the pre-election race in the first round of elections for the new leader of the Conservative Party and prime minister.


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